Next TRUG meetings!

I am very happy to finally (!) pronounce the next two TRUG meetings!

Next meeting, Stéphanie van den Berg will give a presentation on a pipeline for analysing data on twins, using the R library knitr. The pipeline automatically reads in the data, runs the analysis and creates a LateX file with the results of the analysis. The LateX file is then automatically converted into a pdf file.

Depending on how many of you are able to come, the meeting will take place on December 15th (monday) or December 18th (thursday). Please indicate your preference:

We will inform you by e-mail about the exact date and location as soon as there is a clear preference for one of the dates. As usual, the meeting will take place at Stephanie’s little farm in Boekelo (time to be announced).

The meeting after that will take place on February 12th (thursday). Presenter will be Sukaesi Marianti (topic to be announced).

There is of course still a lot of time left to make up your mind, but if you already know that you can (or cannot) attend, please let us know: