The dplyr package

In the June ’14 meeting of the Twente R User group, Martin Schmettow gave a presentation on the R package ‘dplyr’. Code of this package runs fast, can transparently deal with remote data and produces readable code. Furthermore, it interfaces well with the plyr and ggplot package. You can find the slides of the presentation here: Dplyr package.

Next meeting: The dplyr package

At the next meeting, Wednesday 25 2014, Martin Schmettow will give a presentation on the R library dplyr.  The dplyr package provides useful tools for efficiently manipulating datasets in R. For those who are familiar with the package plyr, dplyr is the ‘next iteration’ of plyr. It focuses on data frames and is faster and easier to use than plyr.

We are meeting at Stephanie’s little  farm in Boekelo at 17.30. A group of TRUG members is going by bicycle to Boekelo. In case you want to join us, we are meeting at the entrance of the Cubicus building at 17.00 o’clock.